Meet Cara

Meet Cara 1

Hello there! I’m Cara and I’m thrilled you want to know more about this site. I am the writer, observer, and practical-tip creator behind The Home Learner.

I was the kid that always had “just one more question.” The one in the classroom that some teachers cringed to see because no matter what they were teaching I always wanted to know “why” about something sorta related, but not really.

Questions are fuel for my mind – fast forward a couple decades – and I’m still asking them. What’s different for me now is that I recognize the power in knowing how to find the answer for myself. To research, discover, grow, and learn. To understand and mature.

After having the same conversation with multiple people about what I was learning – I decided maybe it was time to share my experiences here. The point is to encourage. The hope is to help. The method is to be practical, personal, and educational.

Still want to know more about The Home Learner? Let me answer a few questions:

Why Home?

You may think that I chose “home” in the name of this blog because I am a homeschool mom. So home represents that fact. But that’s not entirely why. I believe home is where every-single-person learns what it is that they truly know. It’s where we practice our knowledge. We first succeed or fail at home.

Starting as babies – growth and development are best nurtured at home. The same is true as we age, whether we go to a brick and mortar building for schooling or not. The home is where the head, heart, and hands meet. It’s where we live and breathe.

It is in the home – whether you work outside or attend school outside – where all things learned are practiced and perfected.

Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.

Why Learner?

I like to learn. (That is an understatement.) When my first child was born, I left the outside working world to focus my attention home. Since then, I have learned more about myself, others, and the whole world than I did in all my years of formal education. For me, becoming a mother was when I suddenly fell in love with learning.

Meet Cara with Joe

So it is my life long goal, that no matter how my children are educated, I would remain a life long learner. This goal has a great impact on our lives together and individually. I believe it sets a better framework for my children to see what learning is all about – that it never ends.

My joy is inexpressible when I get to share what I’ve learned on this site. I count it my great privilege to use this space to encourage learning and growth in you.

Why you?

I feel equally called to encourage fellow homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike, because at the end of the day we all need a home and we all need to keep learning.

The Home Learner was created to meet a need. The need to see and understand life from a different angle or perspective. Each post here is a gift – not to you, but to me. What is this gift? Encouragement. It has been poured into me so that I can pour it into this site – I hope it pours into you.

I’ve learned through reading a lot of other great blogs that most of the time I don’t need them to teach me but rather inspire me.

I hope to inspire you to believe in your home again, to have courage to learn again, and to be encouraged to endure again.

Why now?

It’s time. You know that “right time” feeling? Well, this is it. I invite you to have a personal look at my life, and as I expose my learning journey.

Feel with me as you read about my change from rebel to ruler-follower. From great at starting things to better at finishing. From fool-hearty to self-controlled. From doormat to dynamic.

Sure, this blog will chronicle my personal journey – including a lot about kids, because I’ve realized nothing has taught me more about myself than these little ones – but this is so much more than just another homeschool blog.

Still have more questions for me? Please click over to the Contact page and let’s connect. Or write me an email: TheHomeLearner(at)gmail(dot)com


2 thoughts on “Meet Cara

  1. Cara, I really enjoyed reading about you. I love that you have always had a love for learning. I don’t think this happened for me until well into adulthood. I was such a shy kid that I never asked questions. As a homeschooling mom, I am passionate about cultivating a love for learning in my children. Hoping for success in that area! Glad to “e-meet” you.


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