Home 101

Wish managing a home came with a step-by-step personal guide?

Me too.

I’ve been married almost 10 years, and I’m just getting comfortable in my “wife” skin. My oldest child is 7 years and I still learn new things about parenting her on a daily basis. Our family has finally started to cling to some traditions that are “ours” the oldest annual tradition being 3 years. I don’t have a perfect track record, but I’ve been very faithful in personal Bible study since 2008. Those early October mornings have changed my life with regards to disciplining myself to be who I’m called to be without excuses.

Through all the moves, changes, rewards, and losses I’ve learned so much about myself through the management of our home. So much happens under our little roof. I hope you’ll gain fresh insight and be inspired to live and learn with me through the posts that fall under the Home 101 roof.

Home 101:

  • Personal Discipline: If I’m slacking, we’re all lacking. I hope to encourage you to make the best choices for yourself and better impact your family and friends.
  • Family Foundations: I have found that what makes for a great place to learn is a happy family. When the basic need for relationship is met, great things can happen.
  • Motherhood: Life as mom is an education in and of itself. Being a mature, wise mother takes daily hard work. These posts will analyze the part the mother plays in the life of homeschooling.
  • Marriage Matters: When the kids are grown and gone who will still be by my side? My husband. We are well aware of the daily challenge to keep our relationship alive. Roommates? We’ve been there. The whole learning environment is off when mom and dad aren’t on the same page.
  • Encouragement: Everyone needs support and confidence to keep doing the right thing. It can be a lonely life as a homeschool mom. Sometimes we just need someone to care and that’s what the purpose of this entire site is about. I care, and I hope you feel that.

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