Coming down from my (blogging) high horse.

I started this blog in 2015 with the intention of making it a professional bloga space for intentional encouragement and help for anyone wanting to learn on their own. The target audience being homeschool families like mine.

In addition to providing professional content, I wanted to build a business that would provide my family with additional income by tapping into the online wealth of affiliate sales, pay-per-click ads, sponsorship, etc. All of this can be done without compromising content, and I saw it as a win-win. (This is not a slam on professional bloggers who do earn their income from their blogs.)

Somewhere between starting the blog, researching brand-building and income sources, and writing inspired content I created a standard for this blog that is higher than I can realistically reach. After spending hours studying what it takes to build a professional blog, I became unsatisfied with just sharing what I had to say.

I rose the bar. I required pictures with text, back links to every possible post I’ve ever written, and a closure complete with disclosures, subscription invitation, and general marketing ads.

For a while, this wasn’t difficult. I had the passion, the time, and the ideas to fuel this standard. I established a routine that worked well for me, my family, and the blog to coexist in harmony.

And then I had a baby.

You’re smiling. Babies always make people smile either because they are just adorable or because you know what I’m about to say. Babies are known for requiring more time than any one person can give.

I was prepared for this, and I didn’t want having a baby to define me. I love all my children enormously AND (not but) I need to maintain my own identity as woman, wife, writer, teacher, creative being, etc.

So, as I was coming to a new normal after Naomi was born, I started writing again. I started an accountability program with those who chose that option in their subscription to this blog (I still know you’re out there and patiently waiting!).

And one Saturday I spent every single spare moment writing one blog post. It took me the whole day. My husband entertained all the kids while I worked. At the end of the day, I was finished but not satisfied.

I was failing the standard that I created. So, I did what every person does who fears failure: I hid.

I didn’t want to quit what I started, but I knew I couldn’t perform at the level that I wanted. So, I avoided everything related to my blog. For over a month, I didn’t even visit the blog myself!

After a while, I had to really confront myself with the decision of what to do next. Do I let it go? Do I pull myself back up, press on, and pretend nothing happened? Or do I lay all my cards on the table and start over?

Well, maybe not start over, but undergo a make-under.

So, I’m going to keep writing. I’ll get back to my roots of sharing what I’m learning, how I’m changing, and why that matters to me. I hope to always spread encouragement and to research and analyze things to make your life easier. I will continue to suggest resources that are relevant and timely, but I’m not going to try to earn an income with every single post. (Can I get an amen?)

I still respect professional bloggers; I think you’re amazing! But I can’t continue to pretend that I’m up there on a high horse too. (No offense, I don’t think other bloggers are arrogant – just above my realistic reach.)

So, high fives all around. This blog is undergoing a make-under. I hope you’ll stick with me.

Here are a few ideas I have brewing for new posts:

  • Organization is like dirty laundry.
  • I’m breaking up with balance.
  • Am I okay with my child’s goals in life? (Why do I feel like she has to do more, be more?)
  • Let’s revisit the beauty of kitchen timers.

Here are a few changes I want to make:

  • Less pictures in each post to relieve the pressure on my writing so that I can actually write more!
  • More pictures on Instagram where the moments really make a difference anyway. Check out my Instagram profile here.
  • No sales. I don’t want to ask you to buy anything or hide a product within a post. 
  • Actual reviews of products when appropriate. I’m keeping the freedom to use affiliate links but removing the pitch that this is for you. If I write about a product, then it will be to detail how it has worked/not worked for me. 

Sound good? Ah. Being down to earth feels much better. 

Keep on learning, growing, changing, and being true to your stage of life!

8 thoughts on “Coming down from my (blogging) high horse.

  1. I loved this post, Cara! It’s so freeing to realize what does (and doesn’t!) work for each of us in our various stages of life. What worked before may not be right for now, and that’s okay! I, for one, am very excited about the changes to come for your blog. (Tell me more about organization and children’s goals!!)

    I’ve been thinking through some similar things with my blog (that I haven’t posted to since October, ah!), as I’ve been growing a baby for the last four months. 😉 What are my expectations of myself with my blog, and why? I need to work on the why part a bit more before I move forward. Thank you for all the food for thought!


    • Penelope,
      First of all (happy dance), congratulations on the bundle in your oven!!!
      Second, thank you for championing the changes I need to make and for embracing this season with me. There’s always so much to learn through life’so changes and for a while there is forgot to be real.

      So, here’s to our blogs futures! Whatever they may hold, may they feed us!


  2. Cara thank you SO much for your honesty! I have only been at this blogging thing since April and it is amazing how much work goes in to each post. All Summer I was rocking it but since getting back to Homeschool in September I have cut way back. I adore writing and love encouraging other homeschool families but we’ve all got to be encouraging our own families before we jump to the keyboard. The struggle to keep up with other bloggers is a real one and one I fight every day. I never started this to promote products or earn income yet it awaits at every corner! So trust your instincts and write from your heart. I’m exciting about what you have to share going forward, in your own time! Keep up the good work Cara!


    • Melissa,

      Your comment means so much to me because I’ve been impressed by your blog and your polished look – I know how hard it is to create all of it! But it’s fun too. There’s a pull to do what is exciting and ignore the laundry for later.

      It’s also just like you said, making sure I encourage my family first is important. And making sure that I don’t lose my personal voice in writing what encourages others – noble though that may be.

      Thank you for taking the time to bless me with your comment!


  3. I love to hear this, friend! We’ll all still be blessed and encouraged by your words with these changes. I’m glad you’ll have the practical blessing of more time and less pressure. 🙂


    • Thank you for the boost of confidence, Bethany! I can logically understand that text on pictures doesn’t add infinite value, but I was in a place where I somehow believed that my worth as a writer was tied to that text.

      It feels good to shake that off! And I look forward to writing more now!


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