The Story of How I Wish I Was Like Other Moms (plus a peek at what we will use next year).

I wish I could start this story by saying that I easily figure out what tools to use.

In the last post I wrote about finally, fully choosing the classical model. I don’t want to downplay this decision because it has been almost 2 years in the making. I’ve debated every angle of the decision through writing the educational theories series and by reading every website on the topic.

Going to Cincinnati felt like a finale for the debate. My husband and I set the goal of purchasing all our resources for the next year while at the exhibit hall. (And this is how we save a bunch of money: see this post for more info) So, I had 4 main companies in view: Tapestry of Grace, Veritas Press, Classical Conversations, and Memoria Press.

For 2 months prior to the convention: I read their websites, watched their videos, and searched for forums of other parents discussing the pros and cons for each.

During those two months, I felt like an investigator of every other homeschool moms’ choices and philosophies. For some reason, I was beginning to think that everyone else made their decisions effortlessly. I heard from moms who create their own units, those who easily create lesson plans based on their children’s interests, and moms who just don’t stress or worry about what resources to use (which only made me feel more inadequate for all my anxiety).

Through my research, I learned that Sarah McKenzie (one of my favorite online homeschool mamas) was in the classical camp in one of her Q&A podcasts, and that only intrigued me more to discover the beauty, goodness, and truth of this model for myself. I also learned that she’s associated with Classical Academic Press (CAP) – not only because they published Teaching From Rest, but also as a consultant.

So, I was slightly familiar with CAP, but never did I think to look into Classical Academic Press as an option for curricula. The 30 second first impression I got from their site didn’t shout at me “We sell whole grade curricula!” And as intimidated as I was to jump into a classical model, I wanted a company to take me by the hand and guide me step-by-step, day-by-day in the function of teaching classically.

Again, this is where I tend to wish I could be like other homeschool moms: I need resources and tools that essentially hold my hand through understanding the development and principles of an educational life. Maybe I think everyone else is more confident with their choices and I wish I could be that way too.

I wish I could choose easily.

I wish I could use what I choose without regret.

I wish I could stop comparing what I have chosen to what someone else chose (and then also not have regrets).

But oh, how God has faithfully used the GHC, my husband, and trusted sources to gently guide me to what I feel will be best for me and my family. Through these blessings, God has revealed to me that the struggle to choose and the struggle with comparison is a lack of faith and trust in what He has called me to do.

Isn’t this what each homeschool family needs?

Faith and trust that God will guide. He will use the little things to lead and refine. He will use my own inclinations to reveal a greater need for Him.

He did this at the convention, but that’s the next part of the story. Stay tuned…

If you're still wondering "What is Classical Education?" Check out this post from CAP.

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