I’ve been hitting the snooze. (Recovery from and reflections on the GHC)

There were flowers in Cincinnati!

There were flowers in Cincinnati!

We are back from the GHC in Cincinnati – where do I start? I would have written sooner, but I needed to sleep first.

Basically, I was awake ½ of the first night we stayed in Cincinnati, because after my body woke up to use the bathroom (Hello, pregnancy!) my brain woke up too. And my mind was on high energy repeat debating between the (at the time) two main curricula choices.

To say that I need sleep when I return from the GHC is an understatement. Now at least I know to bring Benadryl. My first year (I was pregnant then too) I was awake both nights – all night.

Second, I still don’t know how to put my thoughts into words. There is a blank page in my bullet journal titled “personal reflections and plans” and the page is right in the middle of all my session notes. I knew I needed a place to stop and regroup before moving on, going home, and most reasonably before making any curricula choices.

But it’s blank.

I have a really hard time journaling when there are so many thoughts, so much new information, and so many voices (both inside my head and outside).


But I love going to the GHC, don’t get me wrong. It is a unique and humbling experience. There’s nothing like learning from the experts and entering the exhibit hall to create a sense of awe and smallness.

1/4 of the exhibit hall

1/4 of the exhibit hall

Another 1/4 of the exhibit hall

Another 1/4 of the exhibit hall

It’s understanding that I’m accountable for all of this that can pressure me to do-it-all-right. But that feeling only lasts while I’m not in a state of prayer.

In this post, I won’t be going into any reviews or interviews. I’ll save those for later.

First, here is the list of sessions I attended:

Plus, I ordered 4 more sessions on CD to be mailed to my house. 

On our drive home, we had multiple unbelievable circumstances, but one in particular caused us to be 2 hours later in arriving at home than we had planned. I crawled into bed Saturday night after 2:35 a.m.

Sunday, we needed to pick up our children in the morning, and it wasn’t going to be the energetic, fun reunion I look forward to.

So, all that to say, this is the first time I’ve written all week. I’ve slept in crazy late (for me), and I’ve hit snooze or turned the alarm off altogether. I’m allowing myself to embrace rest and navigate recovery in a way that’s honest. Instead of pushing through, stressing over the thoughts “how could I leave that much clutter in the kitchen, bedrooms, schoolroom,” or “I have to incorporate all the new, good tools immediately or else I’m a failure,” I’m settling back in slowly.

The start of my day.

The start of my day.

And if yesterday was any sign that I’ll be just fine on the cleaning and decluttering front, then it’s safe to say that I might just get to those pesky boxes in the garage by May.

The finish.

The finish.

See Instagram for the detailed list of tasks I tackled. It was a great first “nesting day.” It’s so good to be home, to allow my mind to stretch and absorb the information slowly, and to live fully in the moment. This is my right now life, and even though I have learned so much that I want to act on right now – I’m taking baby steps and that’s okay.

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