Salvation isn’t found there.


I had (have) a tendency to search for the answer. The perfect solution to life’s challenges. The one size fits all cure for clutter, chaos, and chores.

I just recently wrote out our day, and one thing I’ve learned through the process of living and learning at home with my children is that routines change. Good things come to an end. All my effort and discipline to match our needs to our nature and time things out in order to accomplish all the things works only for a season. And then it all fades and something new needs to take its place.

This happened to me the very same day I published that day in the life post.

My toddler stopped taking naps. And in its place, he picked up a nasty habit of coloring all over everything – couch, desk, table, floor, windows, chalkboard, himself…

Exhibit A:


And shortly before this, my older children stopped doing their chores. I fearfully ignored their failure to comply with the routine. I told myself that we were in a funk and that we would recover in due time.

But we haven’t recovered.

All roads point to a need for a new routine. Am I excited about this? Not at all. It doesn’t seem productive to have to keep switching up the time of day that we normally perform certain tasks. If I were left to myself in this home life thing, I would do everything at the same time – eat the same foods, accomplish the same chores, and take the same breaks each day. I would be perfectly boring and predictable. I would cling to the sameness as if it could save me from all things uncomfortable.

But I can’t cling to my old routine because salvation from the uncomfortable isn’t found there. I can’t stick my head in the sand and pretend that our routine is working just fine. I can’t avoid the change-pains of trying new things. And I can’t believe the lie that hard things = bad things. This just simply isn’t true.

What is difficult can be far more rewarding than what is easy.  

So, here I am. Leaning into change. Searching for solutions that may only work for 3-5 months. I’m accepting that my beloved autopilot has quit and I must redirect the whole thing or we’ll really crash.

I’m embracing my responsibility and disciplining my mind so that the changes we make are thoughtful and practical – things we can actually follow through on.

Have you found a good way to reorder your days when the routine stops working? Share it with me in the comments or by contacting me. Or if you have a favorite blog, pinterest board, or book on the subject – please share those too.

2 thoughts on “Salvation isn’t found there.

  1. Rolling with the punches and being flexible are the hallmarks of homeschool success. Giving up what has always worked (but is no longer working) is not failure; it is the beginning of progress. The wise mother will make the time to re-evaluate and redirect. Do you have a family mission statement? This will help to center you again when things begin to unravel as changes naturally occur in your family dynamic. Remembering your primary purpose helps you focus on what is really important and determines the priorities which branch out from there. But, I’m probably only telling you what you already know. 🙂


    • You are so right. Since I started out our preschool way too flexible and spontaneous (read: never got anything of our curriculum done), I now tend to be a little over protective of our routine. I think that’s why it’s harder on me to change it. It serves us so well – until it stops serving us. I like how you point out that changes naturally occur. They do! And I’m always a few tantrums (mine and theirs) off in recognizing what’s happening. 🙂

      I wrote about how to write a parenting purpose statement a while back – so yes, I do have a mission statement, but it’s time for review! Thanks for the reminder.

      Here’s the mission statement post:


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