2015: Record to Remember


Best thing that happened to me in 2015: As a family – our new home, as a wife – our anniversary trip, as a woman – this blog!

Most challenging thing: Settling into our new home (moved in July, and there are still boxes I need to go through in the garage.)

IMG_0575 - Copy

An unexpected joy: Positive pregnancy test in November and finding the best doughnuts in town!

An unexpected obstacle: the troubles with our van (still ongoing) that seemed to be resolved (by a miracle) and then got way worse (way, way worse). And the combination of slow satellite internet and our Mac Mini. (If you’re moving out of town, let me tell you which satellite internet company not to use.)

IMG_2841 - Copy

2015 in 3 words: Move, Dates, Grace

Best read books: Top 5: Teaching from Rest, Secrets of a Charmed Life, Dear Mr. Knightly, Simply Tuesday, The Bible (always!)

IMG_1644 - Copy

Most valuable relationships: My husband (communication has grown), JoeAnna (more relaxed bond), Graham (helping him grow in independence), Emmett (teaching him loving limits), my parents (since living with them I feel so close to them), my pastor and his wife (they are so caring), grandma Joe (our connection is so strong), Casie (everyone needs a friend with whom a smile says 1,000 words, and she introduced me to the Bullet Journal – so there’s that).

IMG_3678 - Copy

Biggest personal change: regarding myself as a career woman, growing in confidence, and being more consistent in all areas of life because of this blog.

Emotional growth: farther along in the process of correcting my anxious tendencies and stronger in my ability to communicate with others

Spiritual growth: trusting God’s plan for Bible study and fellowship by stepping away from my beloved BSF for a season to focus more on building intentional relationships with the women of my church family

IMG_1872 - Copy

Most enjoyable part of work: as a homemaker – cooking, as a mother/educator – read aloud time, as a writer/blogger/speaker – connecting with other women in the same field and sharing what I’ve learned with others

IMG_1904 - Copy


Most challenging part of work: (same order as above) meal planning, wrangling our day so that we get our work done everyday, editing and uploading pictures

Biggest time waster: Instagram

IMG_3465 - Copy

Best use of time: writing in our Bullet Journals the night before per the Make Over Your Mornings evening routine homework

Biggest thing learned: I want to work. I like it, and I can be good at it when I take myself seriously.

2015 statement: 2015 was filled with growth and change. I was stretched to learn new things, to work harder than ever before, and to endure with grace. This year will be remembered as the year we moved into our home, conceived our fourth child, and brought home a puppy.

IMG_3665 - Copy

Most popular post from 2015: How I set up my Bullet Journal

Most beneficial post from 2015: Make Over Your Mornings: The #5Things I Needed Most

Most controversial post from 2015: Maybe You Are Cut Out for It

Most with the most positive feedback in 2015: The day I realized that this is my life.

So there you have it. I can officially say goodbye to 2015 and fully invest myself into the development of 2016. What’s your favorite way to plan for a whole new year? I’d love to know. I think I’m going to take this year one month at a time, setting goals for each month as they present themselves. Instead of writing a master list of 20 things to tackle in 2016. For me, this will be an active effort in being gracious and challenging with myself – I am pregnant after all, and who knows how the next 6 months will go. (Remember my last pregnancy? I sure learned a lot through the struggles! Read a little bit about it here.)

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One thought on “2015: Record to Remember

  1. I love you more than ever for the young lady you have become. I love reading your blog when I get the chance which I’m sorry to say isn’t often enough. With work and school, I don’t have a lot of time?


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