Summer education: What we are reading this week.

I write a lot about learning. I mention a lot of books I read – ones borrowed at my local library, listened to as audiobooks, and new ones.

One thing I don’t want to leave unsaid, is that I do not read through books only for the sake of finishing it. I read slowly. I take my time to incorporate the information, to ensure that I fully understand (to the best of my ability) before moving on.

Which is why this week, you’ll see that one of the books I need to finish is one that I’ve mentioned over and over. I think this post was the first time I mentioned it. Notice the January date.

I’m not a perfect scholar, rather I want to be a learner. A grower. A nurturer. A woman who keeps her word.

So this week, as a part of our families ongoing (summer included) education, here is the plan:

what we are reading summer education

For the kids, we will have another busy week of settling in at our new house, but I don’t want to sacrifice their minds for the sake of getting more done in 24 hours. It’s important to me to still take time to sharpen their skills and engage in conversations about interesting topics – and to take time to laugh a little.

We have finally found the Imagination Station books.

I originally was introduced to them through the Money Saving Mom – I think I got one as a free eBook once, and then I kept seeing them come up in her posts about reading aloud to her kids everyday.

My daughter has read the first one on her own, and I’m reading another one aloud to all the kids.

Mad Libs have become a vital part of our bedtime routine. Who doesn’t want to have a belly laugh before settling down to go to sleep? Well, my kids are highly motivated to get their evening routine accomplished because the sooner they are finished the more Mad Libs we are able to do.

For me, I am going to be working on finishing this course (yes, it’s a 14-day course and yes I began on June 2nd – no joke. I’ll finish though!), as well as these books:

Own Your Life is one of those books that has energy to it. The author’s heart can be sensed on every page. It isn’t a list of things to do (or stop doing) because then it wouldn’t be your life anymore. I love that it is written by a woman farther along in the journey than I am. I like that she’s lived the message before she wrote it.

I’m also going to start reading 50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha. I listened to this podcast by the author and on the same day my pastor recommended that I read more biographies. Coincidence?

My commitment to learning never rests, and I hope that encourages others to do the same. To live with eyes open, ears to the ground, and hands ready to do the work.

What are you going to learn this week?

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