Inspiration for the Weekend

This week has been full to the brim for our family. I’m a little surprised we made it to Saturday without meltdowns. From me. Not them.

Balance is a beautiful thing, and I’m starting to understand that doing more doesn’t mean I’ll be out of balance – it just means that there must be more intention and communication to settle things back out.

If you missed Monday’s post about our home routine, you should check it out – but let me tell you that we did not have one single day to just be home this past week. We still completed all of our lessons; the schedule just called us to be out and about everyday.

I’m learning to breathe like a runner.

Because even though we’ve been running around, I know my spirit needs inspiration or I’ll lose my gifts. I don’t want to run just to keep up, I want to win. And winning is when we are healthy, nourished, encouraged, creative, and calm.

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that my “art” (as this author describes it) is how I encourage others. The opposite of creating art for me is when I live uninspired. When my well runs dry. It’s such a stark contrast.

I criticize instead of compliment.

And my well normally runs driest when we’re busy because I like slow, deliberate, and calm. To be busy, I feel like I have to leave my true self behind just to make it. But then it really isn’t me that’s made it.

I’m learning that faithfulness to the small things makes a big difference.

I’ve been trying to be more present here and here because community is the best medicine for winter weather. I need regular time alone and consistent time with others too.

Again with the balance.

What helps you keep a good balance?

How have you been inspired this week? Please share your links in the comments!


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