Inspiration for the weekend

We thrive on inspiration whether we acknowledge it or not.

I have drawn a distinct line in my mind between being and doing.

Inspiration allows me to be. To live and love from a center of right motivation.

While doing isn’t wrong, on the contrary, it is a necessary outlet of true being. It is when my doing comes from competition or guilt. Focusing on how much I’ve got “done” or how well I’m doing compared to so-and-so.

When I can get caught up in the doing and neglect the conscious being, I come undone.

Although a lot of inspiration comes from within, it is healthy and right for me to recognize the gifts in others and choose to be inspired by them. And that’s what I’m offering you today: some of my favorite thoughts from this past week that have nurtured my being.

I hope these encourage you too.

What we are reading:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :: I’ve never heard so much laughter from my littles. This read aloud has become our all-time favorite!

Adam and His Kin :: The retelling of biblical creation and the first days for Adam by Ruth Beechick is inspiring and beautiful. I’ve heard the story all my life, but not told in this light. It’s been an inspiring part of our history lessons especially for my contemplative daughter.

You & Me Forever :: Francis and Lisa Chan put marriage into the eternal context. This perspective changes everything. Not your average book on marriage.

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