Monday Mindset: Ugly Mom – The Power of Pretty

The Power of Pretty Home Learner

Ugly mom.

You’ve seen her. In the grocery store, the library, the mirror. She walks around with a scowl.

I’m not judging her physically by her style or hair. I’m not talking about the difference in makeup philosophy.

Although all of these things play into her feeling ugly. I know, because the ugly mom is me. And sometimes the more polished I try to become the more ugly I am. Changing from this ugly mom to pretty mom has more to it than just getting a shower in the morning. The transformation is in the attitude and facial expression.

It’s a change of heart.

It’s a balance of inward and outward beauty. There’s no denying that being pretty is powerful in our world, but the type of “pretty” that is loud, bossy, and sensual is not what I believe to be true beauty. I’m aiming for pretty that comes from the inside out. The pretty that sees the beauty of the Creator and wants to protect and honor it. The pretty that springs forth into action, filling each moment with purpose and potential. The pretty that chooses to work hard and fight against the ugly that so quickly distracts and discourages.

The pretty that has the power to change hurting to healing.

I saw the power of the this change just the other day. I was giving my youngest a bath and while he was playing in the water, I finished my routine by applying makeup. By the time I toweled off the babe and looked him in the eye, he had noticed my change – mostly my smile – and he didn’t just smile back. He beamed. In this simple exchange, I communicated to him that I was with him and for him. Smiling at him from my heart because I’d made the choice to embrace the power of pretty in my life and to share it with him.

The Power of Pretty gave me hope for the day. I washed off the feeling of disappointment and changed my thoughts to what was in my control.

Pretty is a choice.

When I have an appointment or schedule that demands getting out of the house in the morning, the choice is easy.  But as a homeschool mom, I have so much freedom in the early morning hours for the most part. This freedom can disillusion me. With so many good yes’ it can feel impossible to make the best choice. For me, embracing this freedom means that I must make my choices for each new day the night before. I must be growing in discernment of my own attitude and actions – learning to see ugly and do something about it. I want to grow in personal discipline and lead my children by example so that they can see and discern their own ugly actions and empower them to make their lives pretty.

Here are my top 6 Ugly behaviors that I look out for:

Now here are 12 Pretty behaviors that I must choose to “put on:”

Mindset for the week: Embrace the Power of Pretty.

Looking for more on the subject? Crystal wrote a great post on getting ready in the morning.

And Ruth wrote a helpful post on the positive effect of making her bed everyday.

Let me know what you think or how you succeed/struggle.


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