Monday Mindset and Links :: Vol. 2

I found a new friend. Many new friends actually. And I’ve needed them. Each one has been an answer to specific prayer.

I’ve been gathering answered prayers around myself like pillows on a soft cozy bed.

One of these such friends {Holley Gerth}, doesn’t know me very well yet, but I’ve been joining her for her Coffee for the Heart writing prompts. Two weeks ago, I was too sick to even contemplate writing. But her prompt was “What Brings You Joy?

My first response to that prompt? Pain.

Yes, pain. Hear me :: I am not a masochist. And I do not by any means seek out pain, but I’ve learned {and am continuing to learn} to be patient with pain. To lean into the Spirit who dwells within me while in pain. And what I’ve experienced for a while now is the reality that when “bad things” happen, I’m drawn closer to the Spirit of the living God than when I coast through life without a catch.

So for my Monday Mindset this week, I’m going to be tying these two thoughts together. When pain presents itself in my life {emotional, physical, relational, etc.} I can breathe in joy and exhale fear because I know that just like physical exercise strengthens the muscles, so too spiritual exercise strengthens the faith.

james 1 2 3

Goal: Perseverance and mature faith. Process: trials of many kinds. Mindset: Pure joy knowing that this process is directed by a Sovereign, Good God {who is a gentle, compassionate Teacher} and will work it all out for my good.

And that’s how I know that pain is what brings me joy because it draws me closer to Him.

Now for Links:

I would love to hear from you in the comments! If any of these thoughts or resources met you right where you are today, please let me know, or Follow me for more Monday Mindsets. Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “Monday Mindset and Links :: Vol. 2

  1. “And that’s how I know that pain is what brings me joy because it draws me closer to Him.” Love this line! Even though it’s hard to admit, I know it’s been true in my life and those around me. God has been so close in the midst of suffering. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I agree. I used to think God wanted me to hurt. I couldn’t reconcile suffering with a good loving God. Since coming to faith, I’ve seen the beauty in the midst of hard times and it’s always found in His arms, leaning into His strength. Thanks for sharing! I’ll so glad you’re a part of our (in)courage group and so so glad it’s been a blessing to you.


  3. Cara — I connected with this post. I know what you’re describing. I think a Christian’s joy in suffering is what draws those who don’t know Him and it is an encouragement for those who do. Thanks for sharing! I’ve enjoyed the group with you : )


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