Five Minute Friday: Write

I write.

I write because what is sacred leaks. And the moments that matter pass. Memories fade. I write when it all feels like it’s falling apart and when something I’ve worked hard for is starting to come together. I write because it’s the beat of my heart and a function of my mind. And it’s where my mind and heart meet. I write in response to life. And I’ve been created to respond.

I write because each prompt is a call to action. A call to live full of grace again. I write when I feel weak and I learn through writing that my weakness can be redeemed when I answer His call to write.

I write and keep on writing because words move. The letters and syllables translate into thoughts and feelings which lead to reactions and new actions. I write to inspire and I write out of inspiration. I write when no one is reading or listening or noticing. And I write when I hope everyone is.

And so, I write.

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