Lasting Impressions :: Last Week’s Links

This is for you. Whether or not this year’s Super Bowl has gripped your attention or not, I recommend these links. The words, stories, and inspiration will stay with me for a lot longer than a final score.

But there are transitions in our lives: times for certain seasons and times when those seasons end.”  :: This is for every mama who has had to accept “no more babies for me.” {And um, I don’t remember how I found this blogger, but I’m SO grateful for the great find. Nice to “meet” you Sarah Bessey.}

Pastor Mark told my story today. Years 16 through 20. I think this series on Romans is going to make a mark on my soul that I will remember for eternity. :: Thank you College Park Church for sharing.

I’ll need to come back to this post when I’m freaked out by the craziness of riding on a helicopter :: way to go Tsh Oxenreider {and how am I j-u-s-t- founding out that you have a wonderful space outside of The Art of Simple?}

The New Church Lady :: Great perspective for anyone who has never been on the “outside.”

Worship On repeat :: Audrey Assad

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