Why you should follow me

I don’t believe that I have anything special that you don’t have. I know I’m not a famous writer or thinker. And I’m not looking to gain fan club or form a debate team. But I do know that God has given me a desire – a deep in the gut desire, to share the things He lays on my heart. If you’ve known me for a while then you know that I’ve always wanted to write. I enjoy words. And I’m sure some of you have even watched me go in and out of seasons of writing. Some good, others not so good. I would base my words on the current wind in my sails. Inevitably, I’d get distracted from the Source of the wind, and veer off course, ending up somewhere in the middle of open water with no shore in sight. I’d lost sight of the goal, long and short term. So I’d bail.

I say all this because setting up 2014 with goals and projects to write is scary. I know how poorly I navigate, and how quickly I bail. So with that being said, this isn’t a post that is a new and improved promise to follow through on all the abandoned things of the past. It isn’t a “I’m turning over a new leaf” type of post. I haven’t made it, I’ve only changed microscopically since last year at this time.

SO. What am I saying?

There is a message in my soul that I need to share. I finally believe what I’ve rehearsed all my life: “I’m created in the image of God.” And His image in me is creative. He loves Words. And I believe that He still uses Words to change people. Why I think you should follow what I have to share is because I now have the faith to believe that He can use these words to encourage, inspire, and convict you. I believe that the words He inspires me to write can reach down deep inside of you and strike a soul-cord that only you and He knows. He can bring it all together in your life just by using a few feeble words from my Spirit-controlled heart. It’s happened for me, and I believe it can happen for you.

Why do I now have this stronger faith in why I should use God’s gifts to reach out? Because I’ve recognized that there are a few women whom God has used to reach me in the past year – and they are just like me. Real flesh wearing, child rearing, Kingdom seeking, Jesus loving, people serving, saint/sinners like me. And I haven’t grown by following their pattern, as if they were a godly woman cookie cutter. I’ve simply been inspired by their experiences and then acted on that inspiration. They created something from what God gave them, and I realize that He didn’t give them a special brand of humanity or gift that is only for the people who have a platform. He has given us all the same kindness and grace. The same gift of life and a drive to do something with it.

So here’s why I think you should not read what I have to say: if you want me to define a standard or outline my process of decision making or goal setting then you’re going to be disappointed. I don’t want you to follow me in hopes to become like me. Heavens no. I won’t attempt to spell out application for your life like a mathematical equation, but I do hope that by reading what I have to say you will be moved to greater change and growth.  I don’t want to see comparisons, guilt, and judgment. Of me or yourself.

But there’s a catch: I need you to let me know you’re there. I’m writing to you.

I want to pray for you by name as I press publish. I want to know your story and be motivated to share more deeply from my heart because I know the pain is bringing God more glory by inspiring you to grow through pain too. I don’t want to just be another link you may or may not click into from facebook. I want to have community with you. I want to be a part of redeeming a little space on this world wide web. I don’t want to be afraid of risk anymore. I don’t want fear to hold me back from holding on to my faith even in the face of rejection. I want to be courageous and live out loud in words. And I want you to read them, and write your own words to me. I want to have the opportunity to introduce you to writers who influence me like this woman and this one too, and I want you to introduce me to your gems too! {Did you click those links? They are not affiliates. I hope their smiles made you smile. I’ve never met them in person, but I’ve talked to them. And they are wonderful. Making me smile regularly.}

This is why I think you should follow me. What do you think? Who is for more content and conversation?

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