What “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful” means to me.

With Thanksgiving so late this year, I haven’t felt like I’ve had enough time to enjoy and anticipate Christmas this year. My quotas for hearing carols, smelling cinnamon nuts roasting, and smiling with chocolate mustaches are just barely past the half way mark. Yet yesterday marked the beginning of the family parties for us.

So although I could be listing and reviewing all the gifts to give, and gifts received, I’d rather share with you some thoughts I have on my carol for this year. It’s “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful.”

First, I chose it as our Christmas card for this year. And I really can’t tell you a good reason why other than it caught my eye, the font and the color.

christmas 2013

Second, because it’s less popular. It isn’t catchy or played every 3 minutes on Pandora. I actually had to think about the words.

To me, this carol is a rallying call. Oh, Come, Let us adore Him. These words hit me. It isn’t hey, if you think this is nice, then adore him if you want to, OR don’t forget to adore him – it’s the real meaning of Christmas. NO, this is a command. One that I lose sight of on a daily basis.

After these words dawned on my heart, and their meaning filled me with a renewed strength to adore my King, I went to church. And my pastor taught on Matthew 2:1-12. The Magi. And I was struck again by how amazing and worthy God is of all my adoration. The command to Adore Him is again a rallying cry. It fills my heart with a longing to know more, to worship more, and to tell of Him more.

But what about the lines Oh, Come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant?

Joyful I get, and I appreciate again Matthew 2:10 that brings into clarity an abstract in my mind. It’s a joy that comes from seeing. God at work, ordaining circumstances and peoples and times all to usher me {who am I?} into His Ultimate Plan of redemption! Adore Him.

Back up. Faithful? Left to myself, I don’t have a faithful thought or action. But if I compare this with Paul’s greetings in his letters to the churches, it carries the idea for me that this is calling out identity, not character. I am faithful. Not because I’ve held onto Christ perfectly, 100% since He worked in my heart the beginning of my salvation. Rather, this is a reminder to call my heart to know that He is doing the work of keeping me faithful by keeping me safely in His grasp. So again, adore Him.

And I love this one. Triumphant. Boom. Take that mediocre. There is strength in adoring Him. It takes God-focused courage to adore Him. And He provides the victory – He trades my tragedy for His triumph and then invites me to live in it. To savor it and revel in it. To adore Him right now.

I now love this carol more. And I hope you do too. What’s carol on your heart this year?

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