Advent Open Prayers

I’ve lately realized that praying is risky. Prayer changes things. It reveals. I don’t like to openly expose my needs. Weaknesses. Failures. Wounds. But like all good things that come from God, there is a giving up of my self in order to receive Him. And what better time to focus on receiving Him than during Advent.

Whom you will encounter over the next sixteen days? Seeking. Burdened. Hurting. Faking. Giving. Taking. All people needing a Savior. How often will you hear Christmas hymns that beautifully prepare the atmosphere for Christ-centered conversations? How often do you plan on intentionally making that conversational shift to the eternal things that really matter?

This Advent season could be when Christ brings salvation and rest for the people we love. And the words we exchange with them will give evidence to the treasure of our hearts. Stuff or Souls. Heaven hangs in the balance.

My heart longs and cries out for more personal prayer. I know I need to be obeying this admonition to pray.

Will you join me?

Open prayer

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