Spring :: a beautiful mess


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I’ve been thinking. And not writing.

As you can tell by one simple scroll down. The last thing I wrote was dated how many months ago? Believe me, I know. I feel the distance too. But that’s all passing away, and something new is being born.

Let me explain. My thoughts and ideas are in a season of early spring. Imagine a country farm. There are hens with their eggs that the farmer is allowing to nest and be nurtured. The mother carefully sits, warms, grows. Cows are finding juicy nibbles of grass. The cud is sweeter, the chewing slower. Trees are beginning to bud, and each one a promise of fruit come harvest. A new branch is breaking forth, maybe even a grafted one. Sparrows sing and swoop without concern. The sky brighter the trees and plants taking it in like a deep and satisfying breath. The air more full of oxygen from this beautiful exchange. Created exchange, endless links of nutrients and energy.

Are you seeing the potential? Over stimulated by all the energy? I am both. I have so many choices to make in a moment. Savor the life. Take a deep breath. The Spirit hovers near, don’t miss Him :: thank Him.

Don’t ignore the responsibility. Life doesn’t stand still; beauty is tangled with mistakes. The curse. Order that chaos requires. The future is brimming with hope but also spilling with reality. There will be 4am morning chores, accidents, growing pains, and always the unexpected. But stand firm. Don’t give up. You have the will to choose. To change.

Pass me not, oh gentle Savior… This moment is too much for me to bear all of the goodness and possibilities. The potentials are limitless, yet I am dust. Hear my humble cry


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