245 days of double life


Okay, I admit that title is too “clever” for my own good. You’ll have to excuse this whole entire post then. Because clever, cliché, cutsie, and contemplative are all things I’m going to try to jam into a few short lines.

Tomorrow I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant. 245 days of 2 lives :: one inside the other. And I want to remember every moment of this journey. So much so that I took the cliché “bathroom mirror picture.” I’m half sorry and half celebration.

But these are the things that I want to remember: making it to 9 weeks and having the first ultrasound show a beating heart! (major relief from going through this), partial placenta previa that scared me but earned us another ultrasound, signs of preeclampsia starting at 21 weeks, finding out that baby Thompson was a boy! (3 generations of the birth pattern girl-boy-boy), naming him Emmett James, preterm labor with bed rest and the whole nine yards, and now only a few weeks left with almost everything prepared – I want to remember enjoying every last minute of growing this life. Every churn, hiccup, poke, and prod.

I’m already learning you little Emmett James. My strong, industrious heel grabber. I’m committed to you. I’m dedicated to being a whole hearted mama for your good and God’s glory.

I’ve loved you from the very beginning, and I’ll love you all my whole life through – I can’t wait to meet you little one.

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