Unity :: 8 Years in the making ::

picmonkey_image We’ve been doing a lot of house work lately. Rob tackling the majors; me scratching at the minors. Cleaning up disasters and preparing for a miracle. We’ve ended days with hugs when no words were needed.

But last night, just for a few hours, we did some heart work.

8 years ago Monday, Rob and I promised to give our whole selves to each other without condition. I like this year’s number: 8. Enough that I feel like it’s something, yet not too much that I feel old or boring. And not too few that I feel arrogant and squeaky.

With everything 8 years has held for us, last night we celebrated! We aren’t just surviving, oh no! We are thriving! And here on the brink of another baby in the house, we are connecting just the original pair of us. The 2 of us that started this life.art.together.

We like who God is molding us to be: unity.one flesh. Happy Anniversary.


wedding 2 picmonkey_image


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