L3 Challenge: Overcoming Failure

So I fail. And I fall. And there is evidence of things broken.

It isn’t always sin that causes failure, but disappointment, discouragement, depression. The 3 D’s.

I have to face these three anew each day it seems. But it isn’t the falls or the failures that define me. It is the rising again. New life promised, and new life lived. New life loved. 

I see the contrast of pain and beauty. Contrast of color in this season. Pastel green grass covered in frost, bright red leaves, pale blue morning sky. It is all the seeing of the difference that makes the difference. 

When I stay fallen, I don’t see the beauty of rising. Certainly the rising is difficult. It is a discipline. But it is a grace. A gift. 

A gift received and a gift given. Risen life gives and serves. It shares. 

On this day of the challenge I will look for the contrast. See and believe that there is a gift to be received today, and a gift to give. My whole self for another. 

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