Face to face with Ephesians

I’ve had to come face-to-face with Ephesians over the past couple of months. I didn’t realize it for a long time that God was leading me to this point of deeper study. He is such a gentleman. I hope you know that quality of His love for you too.
So a brief history of how I came to this point and then a purpose statement:
It is difficult for me to pinpoint the very first encounter with Ephesians {and by encounter I mean, indicators/desires for this deeper study}, but the first that I remember was when I picked up this book: Entrusted with the Gospel: Pastoral Expositions of 2 Timothy by John Piper, Philip Ryken, Mark Driscoll, K. Edward Copeland, Bryan Chapell, J. Ligon Duncan I love the Church of Jesus Christ. The bride. I want to do anything and everything I can to build up the body of Christ.
So I dig into the letters to Timothy.
Then I stumble upon this message by Matt Chandler On church in Ephesus which I actually posted here back in June. After listening to this teaching, I couldn’t stop marveling at the wonderful interlacing of the New Testament. Paul at Ephesus in Acts, his letter to the Ephesians, his letters to Timothy {pastor of the Ephesian church}, and John’s letters {elder in the Ephesian church} with a major mention of the church in Revelation. I mean wow that is a lot of the New Testament focus. I began to realize that I wanted to know and understand more and more about this church. What was God trying to say to that church? How is church today similar to this church in both good and bad ways?
Another encounter, or encouragement if you will, with this book came from my dear mentor and friend Joe Ann Shelton. She challenged me to find D.M. Lloyd-Jones’ Exposition of Ephesians.
And the very next day another dear friend and mentor said the Lord pressed Ephesians into her heart with regards to sharing some specific encouragement to me.
By this time my eyes were opened wide and I still find myself in wonder and awe at the love of God in how He is directing me so clearly.
Now, all that being said, I do not know what the end of this journey looks like. I do not have a 6 part goal in mind. And I don’t know why I feel like I should include you {other than to be a possible encouragement, and for the accountability}. So there in lies the purpose: it is simply to deeply study God’s Word & the Ephesian church.
And so begins the journey…

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