Another trip to Downtown Disney!

August 27th – Family Trip to Downtown Disney (it had been a while, we really enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few pictures!)
Rob and the kids by the awesome dinosaurs of T-REX!
We all enjoyed treats from the candy store! (JoeAnna’s lollipop didn’t even lose any color, she was sick of it in less than 5 minutes…she’s just not that into sweets I guess!)

Graham’s first carousel ride!!!
JoeAnna named her horse “Alpha” 🙂 and Graham’s “Beta”
Looks like Graham is a pick-pocketer already!!
Woody here is completely made out of Legos – At Lego World!
It didn’t matter that this dog was made out of Legos – JoeAnna loved him and named him “Alpha” and would’ve taken him home in a second!

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