My Experience with

(I want everyone to know that I’m not working for or getting paid to advertise for; it’s just so cool I can’t help but be a little obsessed with it.)
Okay, here goes: I received an email from a friend explaining how this swap works (the info in the email is the same information below in the previous blog post). I followed the link in the email to Swap Books for Free – and registered. I posted 10 of my own books that I’ve read, they are in good condition, and I don’t want them any more. And only a few hours later I got an email that someone wanted a book of mine. I went to my account, saw the message, responded that I could send the book within 2 days (and you need to know that the prompts on this site are well organized, I don’t have to do a lot of searching around to help myself – what I need to do is spelled out and linked to within every message). Then once I clinked the button “I can send this book” it took me to a page detailing how to send the book to the person requesting it with the option to “Print a wrapper” which is a 2 page print out – one page has my return and address and the address of the person it’s going to with all the correct info (shown below). It’s very easy to follow.

They recommend wrapping the book in plastic to keep it water proof – I put this one in a quart size ziplock.
Here the book is all wrapped (I printed on construction paper because we are currently out of regular.) You can ship any book from home with stamps as long as it weighs less than 13oz. And they will tell you (under wear I placed the stamps it says) how much the book you are sending approximately weighs and the correct postage for that weight! I just do the math and add the stamps.
So here’s the cool thing for me: I posted 10 books and received 2 credits, which means I can browse their site and choose 2 books to be sent to me (like I’ve detailed the books I’ve sent out) AND for every book of mine that is chosen I get a credit – one-for-one. Since these pictures were taken of the second book I’ve sent I now have 4 credits for 4 new (to-me) books!
Take home message: I just love getting new books!!!

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