My Baby Girl is 3 years old today!

Right about now, three years ago, Rob and I were getting drinks and snacks at the 7-11 in Zeeland because we knew they wouldn’t feed me once we were settled in our hospital room. To back up though, my water broke around 6:30am but we were not prepared at all! I was only 36 weeks and 5 days along. Her room wasn’t assembled or painted…but we were beaming and so excited to meet our baby girl. She was born after 3pm and was 5lb 11oz and 17in. They put her in my arms and Rob put out his hand to touch her and she immediately grabbed his finger and wouldn’t let go! We have a picture of it; it was an awesome moment for all of us. We named her JoeAnna Mae Thompson. Once while looking for names, I found that JoeAnna means “God is Forgiving” and we both thought that was a beautiful name and reminder of God’s unfailing love. Also Joe Ann Shelton was an important mentor in my life! So we decided to spell her name Joe in her honor. “Mae” is my middle name, my aunt’s middle name, and my maternal grandmother’s name! Her name carries much significance to us.

Dear JoeAnna,
I am so privileged to be your mother. I am thankful everyday for who God made you to be. You are so unique; God has truly gifted you in special ways. Please trust me when I tell you that I want what is best for you. I promise to train you in godliness. I promise to pray for you everyday. I promise to be with you throughout your whole life – come what may, good or bad, I commit to learning from our God who is unfailing in His love.
As we celebrate your life today, I want you to know that we are celebrating God’s gift and provision for us. Look to Jesus, JoeAnna, trust in Him and you will be saved.
I love you Joe-babe.

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