Day 4: Good things

Free theater day! It was a fun experience again – and this time we met up with friends! Afterwards we grabbed $1 scoops at Ben & Jerry’s and then went home for lunch, naps, and down time.

Tonight when I put the kids to bed I tried a new thing – Twila Paris’ lullabies for the kids to listen to as they fall asleep. (Thanks both to Jill for the awesome CD!!! And Mom and Dad Thompson for the suggestion – I think it really helped Joe.) We’ll see how well it fits into our routine from now on, but I could tell it changed the atmosphere in their room right away – calm and reverent.
Bedtime Prayers: Lullabies & Peaceful Worship

I appreciate all of you who are following our week and praying for us while Rob is in Costa Rica. I haven’t heard much from him these past 2 days, but I know he and the team leave tomorrow for a remote island and we won’t be able to talk until maybe Friday (?). I pray that as a team they are having wonderful personal and corporate communion with our awesome Saviour!!! I pray they will each come home looking more like Jesus!

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