Day 3

What a great day. Although it started rough; Graham fell and busted his lip open. 2 big bloody holes from teeth going through… He’s all swollen and bruised, and I’m trying to get used to his 3rd fall in one week – raising a boy is definitely different.

But after that drama, we went with Rasha to the Kennedy Space Center! They just launched the last shuttle from there not too long ago – Rob watched it from our driveway. We had a great time, watched an educational 3D film about the Moon, and explored. Very cool.

Then we came home, changed, ate a early dinner and went to the gym! My last free personal training season… I hope I can remember it all!!

Kids went to bed on time and without any usual fuss, and I got to Skype with Mom and Dad Thompson! But now it’s time for me to retire, so “until tomorrow.”

{We’ll eat toast and talk about what you like to do “everyday” when you get home, Rob. Miss you. I hope to post a new video or picture soon!}

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