Just the three of us: Day 1

So far so good. Really, it just hasn’t sank in yet. It’s like having a “working weekend” and we’re pretty used to that. We had a nice birthday party to go to today and that was a lot of fun for the kids and me too! We came home, they got cleaned up, we all took a nap, and stayed in for the rest of the night! And I’m super glad we did because I’m beat.

I’ve started thinking about routes to take to travel back to MI in 13 days! I also want to finish 2 books while Rob is away. I’m about half way through each. And let’s see: clean the house, start acquiring supplies for the trip to MI, go to the gym M-F, go to the theater & library, hang out with friends, and did I mention clean? Hmm… I might need to sit down and plan this out – I don’t want to be so busy that I lose focus.

I’ll keep you posted. Please be praying for us here and Rob there. We are so thankful for you!

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