Not losing a Man/Husband/Father/Friend but rather gaining a Missionary

So Rob leaves in the morning, and I have to say that I’ve only had small moments of panic. Let’s face it, I need him. He’s not an option to my life – he and I are one! But instead of focusing on all that I am (and Joe & Graham) losing, I’m choosing to put my energy into supporting this awesome ministry opportunity! True, I may not be able to talk to him at all, or Skype, or email, or text, etc… but I will constantly be connected to him through the power of the Holy Spirit and prayer. We serve such an awesome God who comforts us and never leaves us.
Let this be my reminder for the week, like many of you have told me already – “I can make it,” but even more than that – I want Rob to come home to his greatest encouragers who never lost sight of the bigger picture, who prayed him through situations unknown, and who are ever more grateful to God for his presence in our lives.

Rob – I am so proud that you are setting out on this adventure – now go serve the LORD!

2 thoughts on “Not losing a Man/Husband/Father/Friend but rather gaining a Missionary

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