We made “Summer Jars”

I like scheduling/managing my time. If I could I would do the same things over and over. That’s right. As much as I believed growing up that I was this wild child of my generation, I’m really not. I love creativity and expression, art and literature, growth and open-mindedness, but I like all of that to be in an organized nice little box. With a bow. 🙂
So for me and the kids, I have to adapt my schedule regularly. We have weekly and monthly plans that we try to be consistent with, like going to the library every week for preschool reading group. We rarely miss, but when we do it’s difficult to replace it. Like I said, I’m creative but not spontaneous.
Then I found this gem to solve that “spontaneous” problem: The Summer Jar.
Better Way Mom’s

But I’m also copying Jodi, because while I was breezing through my “home” on fb, I came across a great photo of cupcakes which read “Free Take One” which I later learned was an item in @JodiMichelle‘s Summer Jar!

Check it out! Make one for your family! Just be creative and then do what the jar says…

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