Day 146

I must say that I started out so strong just a few months ago and now I’m falling further behind each month! I should have read 10 books by now and I’m up to 7, but I must also confess that I’m currently reading:
Men and Women in the Church: Building Consensus on Christian LeadershipRedemptionThe Love as a Way of Life Devotional: A Ninety-Day Adventure That Makes Love a Daily HabitThe Woman's Study Bible: Second Edition

So as soon as I finish the first three, I’ll at least be back up to my goal.

The 7th book I’ve read so far was:
Crossing Oceans Best book I’ve read this year! Far above anything else this year, I could not put it down. The story was so genuine and the characters so raw that I found myself tearful the whole way through. In the first few pages the author tells you what’s going to happen in the end and so the whole book is an invitation to walk through the experience with the main character. She (the main character) does not make excuses for her faults but neither does she let go of her faith. This story is as inspirational as it is tearful. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

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