New Boots and Nebulizers

Yesterday we were at the mall with Nate, Joy, & William and found these cool boots on sale at a favorite store of mine (and they were cheaper than Target!) so I bought a pair for Joe…
…she hasn’t stopped wearing them…
While walking her pal Louie…

While playing in the house…

And even first thing this morning while still in PJs!

Now for the nebulizer… I went to the allergist today! Hurray! They did the “blow out the candles” test on me, and I failed. So they hooked me up to a nebulizer – oh sweet loving! It was amazing how well I could breathe afterward! And then they had me do the breath test again to and I did much better (I went from 53% to 92% – I don’t know exactly what that means, I just know I can think now without it hurting!)

Basically I told the doctor we just moved to this area and they smiled and nodded, as if to say, “We’re so sorry, but that’s normal down here.”

3 prescriptions, 2 samples, and a inquiry for a nebulizer later and I’m hopeful that I won’t be so light headed, breathless, and ill anymore!

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