Day 106

So there is good news and bad news. First the bad news, because I know I just like to get it out of the way: I’m 2 books behind for the year. Yikes, I know. I’ve been focusing so much on non-fiction material that I’ve not been as quick to finish what I’ve started.

Here’s the good news though: I’ve started a book review notebook! Let me explain. I have a hard time not going to extremes when it comes to researching. “Researching what?” You may ask, answer: everything. For example, starting cloth diapers I read blogs, reviews, books – you name it, I read it, and for months I did this! All because at the end of the day I just like to “know.” SO how does this “book review notebook” save me? Well for instance I have been wanting to start researching all the many ways to homeschool, but I’ve avoided starting the process of reading up on it because there is so much to read. Enter notebook: now instead of feeling like I have to read the whole book, I get my notebook and write a bibliography for the book and jot down the titles of the chapters, skim the chapters I think would be most interesting/useful and return the book to the library. Now I know that when I have a question about homeschooling in a specific topic I can grab my notebook look up the books I’ve reviewed and go from there! Fool proof. 😉

More good news: I did finish a book this month too! I can finally say I’m done reading “A Place of Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It was life changing, a must read for anyone serious about spending time with the LORD everyday. Her writing is rich with everyday wisdom, Biblical references, encouragement, and edification, and practical steps to having a purposeful devotional life. I am a huge fan of her and this book. Check it out.

Even more good news (see now you’ve forgotten what a slacker I am): the BAM Book Club etc… has been created and going strong! We follow close to the Books-a-Million (BAM) Faithpoint Book Club that they host for their customers. This next month we will read “Letters to God” which is a book from the motion picture ( check out the preview, I believe these are the same people who made “Fireproof”).

And even more good news: I’m up to date with my Bible reading for the year! This will be the first time I read through the Bible in a year and I’m so excited. Everyday with Jesus is sweeter than the day before!!! (Currently in John just finished Judges {the plan I follow jumps back and forth from OT to NT})

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