Day 31

Wow, it has been a while! But not because I’ve given up…lest you believe me to be a slacker, I am satisfied to say that I’ve completed 2 books since my last post.

First, “Now & Then” by Robert Parker (
I chose to read this because a woman at my Book Club recommended the author. It was a very fast read. The author was from Boston; his sarcastic humor, short sentences, and use of dialog were excellent and fun. It did however have a degree of sexual references that were inappropriate and unnecessary. It was not at all a romance novel though. It was starts with a private investigator who has just met a man who needs him to track his wife…

Second, “The Bad Beginning” by Lemony Snicket (
This was a choice that was purely for fun. I had picked it up before and I think Rob and I even rented the movie a while ago. I liked the fact that the author didn’t include magic. I’m really sick of magic, vampires, and the like at the moment. I couldn’t get enough of this cute/tragic tale. I rented the second book from the library the same day I finished this one. 🙂

Finally, I am still reading through the Bible, and I am up to date! Almost through Matthew and Exodus. Also, I have been reading “A Place of Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss ( She has been an author that I have read for years now, and I recommend all of her stuff. This book has been vital to my spiritual discipline. In January 2009, a wise friend of mine challenged me to read my Bible every morning before JoeAnna (and now Graham) woke up, 30 minutes for 90 days. I am excited to say that I made it and I’ve kept it up too. I’ve missed days and I’ve even missed weeks, but it’s over a year later and I’ve been consistent overall! I am so thankful that God has been so faithful to me in this past year, and just recently I was challenged by DeMoss to make my time with the LORD an appointment. One that is just as important as any other appointment that I might make for myself. She challenged the reader (namely, me) to set a time, don’t do anything else, and keep it. For me this has to be at 6am or earlier! JoeAnna has been waking around 6:30am lately, and if I don’t meet with the LORD I am just not right. I need His power in my life, I need His life to live through me, and I need His love to satisfy me and give me strength to love Rob, JoeAnna, Graham, and the world. I have been so blessed to know the One who made me and redeemed me!!!

Two other notes:
Graham is still in cloth diapers! What’s up!

I am going to pursue starting a book club that will meet at Books-A-Million (what a name…) and we will follow their Faith Point books! The store has book clubs established but no one has been showing up. So I’m going to show up and invite other people to join me. If you live in the Kissimmee area and you’re reading this – join me!

(is anyone really reading this?)

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