Day 17

I went to the library’s Book Club; it was fine. I was hoping for a little more as far as depth of discussion because there definitely could have been some, but one lady was very talkative…one lady hated the book and the facilitator wasn’t too confident in directing those two. Oh well. I had a good time anyway and I’m planning on reading the next book for the Book Club at a different branch of the library. I won’t give up! Plus this gives me the experience I need to one day start my own Book Club.

I am still reading through the Bible (almost done with Genesis!) and I went to the library yesterday and checked out 8 books just for me! I felt like a kid in a candy store! And the best part was it was free!! I took Graham with me so Rob and JoeAnna could have some alone time at the park and I had forgotten how nice it was to get in and out of the car with just one little person to buckle and unbuckle. 🙂 It was a breeze!!!

Btw, per my first post: I have had Graham in cloth at home since writing the initial post. I’m loving it. We’re saving almost a dollar a day! Silly how just admitting that I had quit at doing that motivated me to get past the little hang ups involved and just do it. And I’ve been a better housekeeper too. I was hoping this challenge would change my life and simply holding myself to one standard helped me want to raise the standards in other areas.

Let’s talk in about 3 months… 😉

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