Graham’s 9 Mo Physical and Thank-you’s

My awesome little man had to go to the doctor’s office today for his 9 mo physical, and he did GREAT! The kid had to have a toe prick and one shot – he didn’t cry, flinch, or whine! He was content to play with the wooden stick they used to gag him and look down his throat. 🙂 He just makes me smile.

His stats:
head – 19 centimeters (Is that the unit of measurement? 19 inches seems really huge)
weight – 24lbs 2 oz
height – 29in
He’s between the 76th and 90th percentile for all three.

Now for the thank-you’s:
I want to send out personal thank-you’s for all of the wonderful gifts and blessings from over the Christmas holiday! And I hope to still do so, but if I for some reason can’t because of lack of postage (44 cents!!), lack of address, or lack of time (2 kids, laundry, dinner, not to mention my new challenge to read all the time! :)) Please know that we are so grateful and the seemingly small or large gifts are tools of God’s grace in my heart. We remember all of you who have remembered us and shown us that you care by giving gifts. I remind JoeAnna and Graham often of who gave them what they are using/wearing/playing with, and it’s an opportunity to teach them.


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