New Roommates :)

We are back in Florida! Yay! Actually we (the kids, myself, and my mom!) flew back last Friday, and we are happy to be home.

Over the Christmas holiday, while at my parents, I was alone with the kids for about a week. One night I had the crazy/wonderful idea to put a pack-n-play in the room with JoeAnna’s bed and put the kiddos to bed at the same time. I just thought it would be a time saver and would maybe work for a couple nights while away from home. Little did I know… the kids loved it and I’m not just saying that. They were more openly affectionate with one another and emotionally concerned for one another while falling to sleep. So I decided to try it for their afternoon nap time too, and wonder of wonders – it worked! And night after night it was getting more routine and more important to them to be together. So the night before we were to return home to FL, I asked Rob to make it official and move JoeAnna’s bed into Graham’s room (now “the kids” room). We are one week into it and still loving it! JoeAnna has grown even more into the awesome “big sister” and she loves having a “play room” now! (We love having one central location to store all the amazing presents from Christmas and the toys we already had!)

It’s still a work in progress, and we hope to have a way to make it an official guest room too, but for now I am excited to announce that my kids are roommates!

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