Merry Christmas?

After reading this account of our first few days on holiday, I’ll let you decide if our Christmas has been merry. 🙂

Christmas day was started at our house bright and early around 5:30am as we made our final preparations to fly to Michigan. We made time for stockings and coffee and everyone was merry.

Our friend Ryan also had to get up early, drive to our house to pick us up and take us to the airport (thank you Ryan!!).

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 9:50am through Allegiant. We (Rob and I, equally) thought that we were reading our itinerary correctly and had Ryan take us to the Orlando International Airport (MCO)…but when we got there and asked for help finding our ticketing gate…we were told that our flight was indeed scheduled to fly out of the Orlando/Sanford International Airport (SAN). BIG OOPS. So we ran outside, flagged down a cab driver, asked if he could take us to SAN before our flight left, he had 2 car seats, we loaded up and drove off.

We made it in 30 minutes!!! He was flying (in the cab that is). So after $106 and a Merry Christmas to the cabby, we were off to find our gate and more coffee. 🙂

After all that, a lot of prayer, grace, and a sense of humor, we all made it into Grand Rapids with our holiday cheer intact.

The very next day at our first party, JoeAnna came down with the stomach flu and vomited all over the kitchen rug in Nana Pitt’s house. Needless to say, we’ve seen better days. I sure hope and pray that we don’t all get the bug and that we can continue to breathe grace and laugh.

Merry Christmas! (without question! 🙂 )

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