Thompson Family Christmas Letter 2009

Don’t be disappointed! We are handing out picture cards this year, and I just wanted to save on ink and write our letter here for everyone!

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year for so many reasons, and this year has brought even more. This is Graham’s first Christmas, and his 2 bottom baby teeth are ready to gnaw through whatever comes his way! And this is also JoeAnna’s 3rd Christmas! I can’t believe how much time we’ve had with her already! She has been very timid towards “liking” Christmas, mostly because when we left family in November everyone told her “we will see you at Christmas” and to her that was an ominous thing to say! She didn’t remember what “Christmas” was. So for about 3 weeks whenever she heard us talking about Christmas or buying Christmas things she would say “I don’t like Christmas.” To which I would reply, “That’s okay to not like all of the fuss or parties, but Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus – He was born to save us from our sins! We celebrate his birth at Christmas.” I think I said those words over a hundred times.

Then we put up our Christmas tree, and all the “I don’t likes” stopped! We have an angel on top of our tree and she loves it (and she knows that the angels sang and told the shepherds of Jesus’ birth). Now she sings Christmas Carols in the car and she talks about “my Christmas.” I am actually thankful she didn’t “like Christmas” at first because it taught us all that Christmas is about Jesus.

Well now for a recap of 2009:

What a year of gifts! And there are too many for me to list, but here are a few: Graham Alan Thompson (born 4/11/09), a job for Rob in Florida, a home in Florida, my dad (recovered from major brain surgery), family and friends who continue to love and support us, and many, many anonymous gifts (gift cards, money, time taking care of our empty house in MI, etc). God has richly blessed us this year through the generosity of others and He has provided a way for us to continue serving Him by providing for our basic needs. For me, moving to Florida has been a test of trust in God, and He has been so faithful. I am very thankful to be where He has brought us.

Please continue to join us in prayer. Our ministry here could not be accomplished without prayer, and we are reminded of that daily. We want you all to be encouraged that God has, is, and will always keep His promises. He promised a Son, and His name is Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas!

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