Cute things they say…

so my kids always make me smile, but I just have to share what they’ve said…and I hope you smile too.

Earlier this week JoeAnna and I were talking about extended family relationships and how I am Grandma and Papa Hemmes’ daughter – and I explained that she was my daughter, to which she said, “Mommy, I’m not a daughter – I’m a Thompson!”

Then Sunday afternoon (I shared this on FB already) we were getting ready to go to church and Sunday is Awana night, and she gets to go to Puggles. She loves it. I told her we were almost ready to go to church and she said, “I’m going to run to Jesus! I’ll race ya!”
She makes me so proud.

Graham too joined in on the cute things… he’s been saying “baba” for about 3 weeks, and I have been slowly working on “mama” with him. Well yesterday Graham, Joe, and I were sharing a group hug and he said “mama!” I held him out and exclaimed “you just said ‘Mama!'” And he cracked up laughing! It was like he knew how all along, and he also knew I would melt. I love my little man.

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