Blog – oh why do I avoid thee?

So I am sitting here at the computer, quickly checking facebook to see if I have any new news on plans for family time in Michigan, and I am realizing I NEVER write updates on the blog. I must confess that I thought I would be better at this than I have been.

Let’s update then shall we? Okay, where to begin…

TIME CHANGE I LOATHE THEE!!! So my kids can’t seem to adjust. We are living on a “pre-fall back” schedule in a post-fall back world. Not fun. I miss having my second cup of coffee and quiet in the morning before the starting my day as a mom.

It’s still in the 80’s and sunny most days (and it’s getting cooler in the morning and evenings, perfect for walks).

JoeAnna is still wearing size 12-18/28-24mo clothes. I can’t seem to make her grow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Graham is totally out of his 9mo clothes – way to long, and he will soon be bigger than JoeAnna. He can sit up, roll over, copy sounds, laugh and smile (and very well I might add). And he’s eating great! He can almost feed himself puffs. He doesn’t have a real interest in moving (a lot like Joe at his age) but he does turn himself in a circle. He loves rattles (his Mickey rattle is his absolute favorite, he shakes when he sees it)! He still loves to swing; he’ll swing for a collective 2-3 hours a day! (And more if I’d let him).

JoeAnna loves to go to the pond in our subdivision and feed the ducks. She’s made friends with all kids of animals around here: lizards, ducks, dogs, and bunnies. We say hello to them most mornings on our walks. Today, I let her walk too and she had a blast. She made it around the whole pond once! (It’s a pretty nice size.)

We were recently able to visit with Rob’s grandparents, Don and Patricia Pitt. They are wonderful great-grandparents. They are traveling evangelists and so being able to see them throughout the year is sometimes tough, so we are proud to say we were able to have 3 meals with them while they were on a break in Haines City (just south west of us).

Before they were in town, Jonathan and Heidi Grooms and their boys were in town for a Missions Conference here at BBC. We had a great time reconnecting with them and seeing each others’ children for the first time. Elijah and JoeAnna were great friends. Joe has really become a “tom-boy” and loves to run around with her buddies, she is much less shy with other kids than she was.

I am still adjusting to life here in Florida. I still love the area, and our home. I am learning to accept the challenges I am faced with daily, and I am so thankful that God chose to use this opportunity to mature and prune me. I am seeking Him daily and desperately. I never want to loose this kind of passion for knowing Him. It’s awesome to be more disciplined though, I was truly missing out before! The Proverbs are right, the lazy man is a fool!
I have been reading a lot more too – I have some great books I’ve been using to teach JoeAnna about God and they are exciting!

Well, lest I waste this time (while both kids are sleeping), I must be done for now. Here’s hoping I will write again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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