Saturday Morning Fun

So, this is my first post (this is Rob) and I’m excited to share with you a craft Joe and I did this morning.

The day started with me going to a men’s Bible study at the Church. When I got home, it was Cara’s turn to go to a Bible study with our Pastor’s wife, Rasha. Fortunately, Graham was sleeping when Cara left, so I only had to keep Joe occupied for a couple of hours. I don’t know how Cara does it day in and day out. She is a strong woman.

After going through some options with Joe on what she wanted to do, she settled on plato. So I propped her in her high chair and we started sculpting masterpieces. I got the idea to start making body parts out of plato (Nothing like Michelangelo’s “David”. This is a G rated home). What transpired was the pictures you see above.
We had a really good time.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Fun

  1. yeah they do a lot of fun, crazy, out of the box things together. She is so like me though, she has to warm up to the idea of doing things a "different way"! Heaven forbid! šŸ™‚ I am so thankful for their connection though.


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