love your brain

so not to long ago i was watching a special on PBS where this doctor/brain specialist was giving a list a 10 things to do to “love your brain” and it was interesting because he had actual brain scans to prove his message. basically, positive thinking actually heals the brain and bridges the gaps and conversely, negative thinking creates literal holes and gaps in the brain. So, my take away from that show – be happy or accept having swiss cheese for a brain.

It was easy to think positively on Friday, September 4th! (First, it was Aiden’s birthday!! Way to go buddy – 7 is the perfect number!) Also, it was the first time at Disney World for 75% of my family! Rob had been there before, but JoeAnna, Graham and I were able to see it for the first time. It was a blast and blasting hot too. 🙂 JoeAnna is such a sponge. She doesn’t show a lot of emotion about things, and I just took that to mean that she was unimpressed about things or that she was still too young to really experience Disney. Not true. She talks about her experieces every day. She still wants to ride Dumbo again, and she asks everyone she talks to if she can ride that ride again. She doesn’t want to ride the Tea Cups again… I think because Graham got to ride that too and that is his claim to fame and she doesn’t want to share the spotlight… She is just starting to notice that he gets his own attention, but so far she is happy for him.

Today she laid down next to him and asked me to take a picture of them side-by-side. She is really starting to like her picture taken – not in a “I’m a ham” way though. I wish I could truly capture how she talks to me. She starts conversations, asks legitimate questions, and she is very witty.

I found the first lizard in the house. In JoeAnna’s room. It was a baby. I was so freaked out. I stayed calm. I now walk lightly. I don’t like lizards inside. Ugh. At least it wasn’t a cockroach. Please pray that doesn’t happen again. I can’t handle the thought of things crawling on us while we sleep. I will handle any gross bug during the day… it’s the thought that they are there at night.

Well Mom T. and Rick left this morning. It was so nice to have family visit. And now it is on with life as usual – and usual is still in the defining stage. Please pray for us to be a faithful family. We are so blessed here in Florida.

Pictures to come!!

3 thoughts on “love your brain

  1. I had such a fun time visiting! Now, can't wait for the next visit (either you guys coming our way or another trip for us to take to Florida)–Papa has to come the next time! Joe would be very dissapointed! Love ya!


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